John Kremer
1001 Ways to Market Your Books
"If I'm going to write a book, then I'm going to do my best to make sure that everyone who might benefit from the book gets a chance to read it. I believe that all writers and all publishers should be as committed to market their books.”
- John Kremer, 1001 Ways to Market Your Books
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 • Checklist #4: The Author Associations Checklist
 • Checklist #5: The Essential About the Author Checklist
 • Checklist #6: The Book Description Checklist
 • Checklist #7: The Get-More-Book-Reviewers Checklist
 • Checklist #8: The Skyrocket Your Book Launch Preparation Checklist
 • Checklist #9: The "How to Get Attention at an Event" Free Drawing Checklist
 • Checklist #10: The List Building for Authors Checklist
 • Checklist #11: The "Sell More Books" Order Form Checklist
 • Checklist #12: The Book Pre-Sales Checklist
 • Checklist #13: The "Win Awards!" Checklist

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 • Checklist #14: The Social Media Publicity Checklist
 • Checklist #15: The Must-Have Website Design Checklist
 • Checklist #16: The Blogging Checklist
 • Checklist #17: The "Get Even More Exposure" Guest Blogging Checklist
 • Checklist #18: The "Don't Miss a Thing" Author Central Optimization Checklist
 • Checklist #19: The Goodreads Checklist
 • Checklist #20: The Infographic Checklist
 • Checklist #21: The Video Checklist

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 • Checklist #22: The Bookstore Sales Checklist
 • Checklist #23: The Bookstore Signing Checklist
 • Checklist #24: The Unconventional Sales Outlets Checklist
 • Checklist #25: The Consignment Checklist
 • Checklist #26: The Big-Bucks Corporate Sales Checklist
 • Checklist #27: The Business Card Checklist
 • Checklist #28: The Make-Your-Own Bookmarks Checklist
 • Checklist #29: The Local Speaking Gig Checklist
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